The NSS (National Service Scheme) Unit of the college conducts co-curricular programmes every year. The In-Charge of NSS unit of Ramdayalu Singh College, Muzaffarpur is Dr. M. N. Razvi Department of History.

No. of NSS Volunteers is 100(Unit 1):
Male   =72  
Female   =28  

Ramdayalu Singh College, Muzaffarpur promotes the participation of students and faculty members in extension activities like NSS.
The College also organizes its outreach programme through the NSS. National Integration Camp, Literacy programme, AIDS awareness campaign, Plantation, awareness building and literacy among the children living in slum areas.
The activities of the NSS and the NCC unit have community interface, Community repsentatives are actively involved and thereby the needs of the community are properly addressed through the various programme of the bodies.
National Service Scheme(NSS) and National Cadets Corps(NCC) provides students with opportunities for personality development and to promote the cause of national building.
The College has several student welfare schemes. The National Service Scheme units of the College organizes programmmes aimed at development of student personality through annual camps, special initiatives, participation several social works etc. Volunteer Secretaries of the NSS take active role in the organization of various events in the College.